Geoffrey Parks, AIA, LEED AP Principal

If you are looking for the 21st century Renaissance man, Geoffrey Parks fits the description.  There is nothing this man can not do, and do well at that.

Geoff's passion for historic architecture as well as Oklahoma history is evident by his amazing home in the historic district.  He currently holds seats on the HP Commission as well as the AIA Central Oklahoma Chapter Board as Past President.  There is always something to be done; it's his perfectionistic nature that thrives on all things that others might find daunting.

He loves cooking, makes a mean souffle.  He plays the piano; playing Debussy's "Arabesque #1" without any stumbles is a goal of Geoff's.  He loves to work in the yard; the man has a serious green thumb.  He is a hiker, hiking such mountians as Mt Elbert and Quandary Peak.  And if you are playing Trivial Pursuit, you most definitely want Geoff on your team...he's simply the best at all he does.