Jeremy Rogers

Jeremy Rogers is a passionate designer who enjoys solving problems in creative ways.  He loves exploring or "geeking out" as he puts it, to discover the different ways that elements come together to serve a specific purpose.  No detail is too small for Jeremy.  For him, the details are where great designs come to life.

Coming from retail design, we are so glad that Jeremy has settled on STUDIOARCHITECTURE as his home.  Office culture is very important to him; you can often find him lightening the mood of his coworkers with a funny story or a silly look.  We are so lucky to have Jeremy as a member of our family.

A broad range of interests and hobbies keeps Jeremy busy in his free time.  A lover of the outdorrs, he enjoys cycling, camping, hiking, skiing and gardening.  And whether it's cheering on the Thunder, his alma mater, or one of Jeremy's other favorite teams, he's a huge sports enthusiast.