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Decadent Design

April 2012

Kendra and Cale recently participated in the 3rd annual Decadent Design competition, which brings together chefs and architects to create tasty desserts that are inspired by Oklahoma architecture, hosted by the Central Oklahoma Chapter of AIA, along with [Artspace] at Untitled. This is the third year that STUDIO has participated in this competition and also the third year we have paired up with Prairie Thunder Baking Company, located in the Plaza Court building in Midtown, to create a masterpiece worth eating. “Working with Prairie Thunder again was an obvious choice”, Cale stated, “we really enjoy working with them and the fact that they are awesome bakers doesn’t hurt either”.

When deciding which building to represent, Kendra and Cale gave Prairie Thunder a couple of choices, so they could make sure the building was easy enough to build with food. After a short deliberation they finally decided to go with one of the most iconic buildings in the Oklahoma City area, the First Christian Church of Tomorrow, located at 36th and N. Walker. This is a building that has been given numerous nicknames, even some as funny as “The Igloo” and “The Easter Egg”. The church, not only being iconic in the architecture realm, but also in the eyes of the general public, is a good example of how architecture can affect the lives of everyone. “The building is also intriguing”, Kendra said, “because all of the buildings on site have a circular theme and we thought it would allow the bakery to come up with various flavor choices, while also having easily executable forms.”

The competition allows for a choice between making mini desserts or just one large dessert. In the past STUDIO has chosen to do mini desserts, but because the First Christian Church of Tomorrow has such a distinct shape, Kendra and Cale decided one large dessert would make more of a statement. However, as Cale pointed out after the competition was over, “choosing a large dessert ended up being a lot more difficult to work with because it required more detail, and it’s really hard to detail a church with icing and chocolate sauce”.

The competition isn’t just about the way the dessert looks though, it’s also about how the dessert tastes, which I think is everyone’s favorite part. In order to give the full effect of the church, they made 4 different desserts. The large dome shaped sanctuary was made of citrus sponge cake with orange mousse and raspberry mousse layered throughout, coated with a fragile Italian meringue, with arches made of white and dark chocolate. The center education building was a coconut layer cake with raspberry and lemon filling, iced with white chocolate ganache and topped with toasted coconut shreds and white chocolate fins to represent the awnings. The Jewel Box Theater, which is the smallest building, was represented by a peach and cherry Bavarian cream, and the bell tower was composed of citrus shortbread cookies with a flat glaze icing and sugar sprinkles.

They all look delicious right? Luckily for us, Prairie Thunder brought over some leftovers a couple of days after the event, and yes, they were definitely delicious.