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Out of the Box

April 2012

This year, Science Museum Oklahoma invited STUDIO to participate in a fund-raising event/competition known as Out of the Box. This is probably one of the most innovative and interesting competitions we have ever been a part of. The rules of the Out of the Box competition consist of the following:

  1. Participants create an exhibit using all the contents in a box, provided to them by Science Museum Oklahoma.
    1. The contents of this box include:
      • Dowel rod
      • Springs
      • Wood blocks
      • 4" hemisphere
      • Fan
      • Sprockets
      • Magnets
      • Aluminum tubing
      • Copper tubing
      • Wheel
      • Wood wedge
      • Glue sticks
      • Clear tubing
  2. Additional materials MAY be used, but ALL box contents MUST be used.
  3. Exhibit must fit inside an area of 6ft wide x 6ft deep x 8ft tall.
  4. Solutions should engage, hypnotize and stupefy the viewer.

After thinking long and hard about what to create, our team came up with an idea. They call it “The Architecterium”. A giant white box with big round glasses and a sketch pad inside. Oh, and it moves!

The idea of the Architecterium is to represent what goes on inside the head of an architect; see what an architect sees, think like an architect thinks, go where an architect goes, and draw what an architect draws. In order to portray this idea properly, the guys built a six foot cube representing the “head” of an architect with holes for the ears where someone could slip inside and experience the inside of an architect’s head. Once inside, they were surrounded by drawings, sketches, and diagrams, complimented by a large, blank drawing board. Under the drawing board was a set of pedals that allowed them to move around the room while viewing the world through a giant pair of iconic architect’s glasses.

After it was built, we took it to the Out of the Box event at Science Museum Oklahoma. The event was on February 11, 2012 and we were up against 13 other companies. We decided to all wear black and white with round architect’s glasses to match the exhibit. We thought that was pretty clever. Although we didn’t end up winning anything, we had a blast participating and have always enjoyed supporting Science Museum Oklahoma. And big thanks go out to Andrew, Asa, Rob, Cale, Justin, and Corey for working their butts off to make this really neat exhibit!