Our approach is simple: make our clients our biggest fans


Design: Your space reflects who you are. It’s where you work. It’s where you live. It says something about you, about your company, and about your people. We believe in capturing that spirit. We take the time to understand your vision – and we celebrate that vision with every building and space that we create.

Relationships: Our inspiration comes from you – your story, your life, and your need for a space that encompasses that culture. We see relationships as our most cherished resource. By establishing genuine relationships with our clients, consultants, and fellow team members, we are better equipped to blend your vision, needs, and goals into a functional and beautiful architectural solution.

Sustainability: Great design is inherently sustainable. We believe it should be an integrated practical process that doesn’t necessarily require spending more of your money. Rather, it just requires we spend a little more time and are sensitive to sustainability goals when designing your project. It’s an essential part of our job to produce a sustainable building, whether it’s LEED certified or not. We use our skills and talents to design your building so that it is responsible not only in its function but in its impact on its environment.

Practice: The ‘practice’ of architecture is the authentic day-to-day approach to what we do. With that said, we don’t bring preconceived ideas of what you need to the table. Instead, we get to know you, have the crucial conversations, and work through the process of realizing your dream and your vision. Every building is new, and with that comes a new opportunity to ‘practice’ what we preach.


STUDIOARCHITECTURE really started simply as a college friendship between Jim, George and Jerry. And their story could have ended there. As each of the three friends graduated from college, they took jobs across the country. Luckily for everyone who now works at STUDIO, each of them eventually made their way back to Oklahoma, and a rekindled friendship led to the dream of opening their own firm.

Long before STUDIO came to inhabit the brick and mortar building you see today, the three friends knew they needed work if their firm was to be a success. So, they interviewed for the Henderson Hills Baptist Church project as three guys in matching denim shirts with a dream. As you can see by the portfolio, they won that bid, and soon after, they won the bid for the North Canadian River master plan. And STUDIO took off from there.

Since then, STUDIOARCHITECTURE has gained local and regional recognition for excellence in design. Born out of a desire to practice architecture in a creative and collaborative environment, STUDIO is a collection of vibrant, talented individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, but our shared values and commitment to the open exchange of ideas is what makes STUDIO a family.