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816 North Walker Avenue

Empty and lifeless for a generation, 816 North Walker has come back to life as the offices of STUDIOARCHITECTURE. Built in 1931 as a grocery store and pharmacy, the 6,590 square foot building has also been a medical and party equipment rental center, a hamburger stand, and a go-go club. After so many illustrious chapters, the building sat unused for 23 years as the surrounding neighborhood descended into blight and abandonment.

816 still had good bones.

Stripping away the plaster exposed the rich clay tile texture. Removing the old ceiling joists opened up the vaulted bowstring truss form to the space below. The new design divided the building into three tenant spaces. The interior spaces in STUDIO‘s office are simple and honest. Finished with ordinary materials – ribbons of sheet metal, MDF, and peg board – the new design integrates with the original vaulted roof structure and masonry walls.

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