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Griffin Family Performance Center

The growing and reputable athletics program at the University of Oklahoma needed improved strength training facilities to cultivate peak athlete performance while attracting new athletes from around the country to the University. The solution, an addition to the existing Lloyd Noble Center, integrates state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and resources into one cutting-edge facility.

Located south of the Lloyd Noble Arena and men’s and women’s basketball practice courts, it is highly visible to athletes and visitors alike, making it a valuable recruiting tool for the University of Oklahoma as well. The innovative design imitates the roof slope, form, and clerestory of the adjacent Lloyd Noble Center, while its brick and cast stone exterior speak to more recent campus architecture.  Inside, it features the latest technology in training. Highlights of the facility include indoor and outdoor turf areas, a nutrition center, specialized and flexible spaces for performance testing and assessment, and a large, open space for strength training equipment. Athletes even have access to specialized medical care with an in-house exam room and advanced diagnostic imaging technology that displays tissues as they change or heal over time. A basement level connects this invaluable asset to the adjacent practice courts, making it easily accessible to the athletes who frequently use it.