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Henderson Hills Baptist Church

Henderson Hills Baptist Church needed a new campus developed to include a 1,800 seat Worship Center, Gathering Area, Preschool / Children’s Education Building, Family Life Center, Youth Facility and parking for 1,200 vehicles. They came to STUDIOARCHITECTURE with about 26 acres on which to develop an 180,000 square foot facility.

The architectural site planning and design for the new HHBC campus is designed to instill a sense of community and compliment the surrounding development and wooded environment. Vehicular entries are positioned to work with the natural topography and vegetation of the site, and pastoral driveways wind through the wooded landscape giving glimpses of the new campus while leading to parking areas and major building entrances. Large areas of the natural vegetation have been preserved and integrated throughout the site development to soften the visual impact and provide shade for the paved areas and buildings.

Planning for the new church campus uses the “Village Green” concept to organize and create a sense of orientation or “place” for the visitor as well as long-time member. The village green provides a common area or “center of gravity” for the social life of the church. One of the most essential kinds of social “glue” for the church community is created when people rub shoulders in public.