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J.L. Walker Construction

J.L. Walker Construction hired STUDIOARCHITECTURE to design a new corporate building that reflects the company’s ideals. STUDIO’s design reflects the different facets of Walker and everything they believe in. The exterior is made of materials chosen for their durability, identity, and texture. Yellow stucco represents the corporate identity of J.L. Walker and is used as an accent, calling attention to the building’s main point of entry. Painted, exposed structural steel provides identity by illustrating the nature of the construction industry.

The basic layout of the building is simple and straightforward. The southeastern-most portion of the building contains the conference room and public restrooms. This area shares the yellow accent color on the outside of the building.

Controlling the effects of the sun is important to the design of the building. Small southwest windows minimize solar heat gain while allowing natural light to permeate the building. The large windows facing northwest are intended to gather the north light. The large windows facing northeast and southeast are protected by steel sunshade structures. These sunshades also contribute to the textures of the exterior and cast shadows, adding a dynamic and kinetic quality to the architecture.

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