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New Covenant Children's Ministry

STUDIOARCHITECTURE completed an overall Campus Master Plan for New Covenant United Methodist Church several years before work on this project began. As a part of its commitment to children, New Covenant decided to dedicate significant resources to a brand new structure for children.

Foundation of Outreach

Putting down roots in a new home, closer to the inner-city, this church needed a new facility that would fulfill the mission of “outreach” to the surrounding neighborhoods.

With simple organization, the facility is oriented around an indoor play structure – making wayfinding easy for young people. Color and form work together to send a message of fun and friendliness. Turning the metaphor into reality, the space also contains the major trunk of an old tree that was destined for the wood pile, and is now turned into the foundational element of a treehouse structure – establishing strong roots of fellowship for children.

The second floor of the two-level structure is largely unfinished and unprogrammed, but the infrastructure is in place to allow for easy expansion when the time is right.