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New Covenant Student Ministry

After suffering a devastating fire, New Covenant United Methodist Church decided to renovate the existing building to serve as the new Student Ministry facility. STUDIOARCHITECTURE was an easy fit for the Student Ministries project, having already completed the Campus Master Plan for New Covenant United Methodist Church.

Beauty from Ashes

We demolished the burned out portion of the building and the remaining sanctuary was deemed structurally sound. Initially, STUDIO compiled a facility assessment report for the church outlining minor upgrades and repairs before moving forward to the next phase of the project.

The exterior of the building required a few upgrades such as roofing, windows, weather seals, and concrete coating, and the interior of the building required significant code updates due to age, firefighting efforts, and vandalism.

The combination of a good shell, restored systems, simple upgrades, and creative vision transformed the building into a functional and exciting space where young people can worship and learn. This building represents a unique opportunity to create a true “Beauty from Ashes” story.