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Third Degree Corporate Office

Third Degree Advertising is one of the premier strategy and marketing companies in Oklahoma City. As their client base grew, so did their staff, which created a need for more space, but within a limited budget.

STUDIOARCHITECTURE developed a concept for Third Degree to adapt and reuse a 6,000 square foot tenant finish out of an existing warehouse in downtown Oklahoma City’s Bricktown area that defines the creative process through architecture. This concept aids Third Degree in educating their clients about the creative process that they will experience and reinforces these ideas to the staff.

We designed the space to embody the creative process through the organization and blocking of the interior architecture. For example, the linear organization of the space mirrors the linear nature of the creative process, and the creative department’s “War Room” (where ideas originate) is placed furthest from the client’s entry point. All of the architecture is held away from the existing structure and overlaid on a new maple floor grid to symbolize that ideas have to occur within the context of a structured world.