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Wentz Lane Parking Garage

With exceptionally tight site constraints, the Wentz Lane Parking Garage at Oklahoma State University’s main campus in Stillwater presented numerous design challenges.  Located in the southwestern portion of campus, the garage is immediately adjacent to Stout Hall and North Murray Hall – both of which are prime examples of OSU’s Neo-Georgian architecture. As such, it was imperative for the new garage to respond to this predominant architecture of the campus.

Following design cues from the Multimodal Garage on the north edge of campus, also a STUDIO project, the garage uses the same brick and stone accents found on other campus buildings. Fenestration patterns and building detailing also work to diminish the overall visual scale of the structure. Constructed of precast concrete structural double-T’s and panels, the garage has parking for 645 cars on four levels, including the roof. Fully-automated access control provides easy ingress and egress for qualified garage users in a high-demand university environment.