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Wilson Elementary School

The Oklahoma City MAPS for Kids program afforded Wilson Elementary School an opportunity to upgrade its programs and facilities. Wilson Elementary is known for its Arts Integration programs, and they needed STUDIOARCHITECTURE to transform it into a contemporary Pre-K through 6th Grade learning environment.

One of STUDIO’s most exciting additions to the school was the new glass block wall, which tells the story of the musical composition of Peter and the Wolf, as written by Sergei Prokofiev in 1936. Prokofiev wrote this music and narrative as a child’s introduction to the orchestra. Each character in the story has a musical theme represented by a different instrument or group of instruments, and the glass block design reflects these themes. Peter, the strings, is represented by red glass blocks; Bird, the flute, is orange; Duck, the oboe, purple; Cat, the clarinet, green; Wolf, a trio of French horns, blue; and the Hunters, vertical fins. Each color of glass block is also expressed with a different texture of block.

STUDIO chose to express music through the use of glass block to show how music is art, and how harmonies and melodies fit together to make an entire piece. Color, texture, and movement may be applied to music, just as it is applied to painting, drawing, and sculpture.

STUDIO’s design also included the renovation of the existing building and the construction of a new administration services area, new media center, vocal music classroom, drama classroom, additional general classrooms, computer lab, and cafeteria serving line

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