Our People

Connor Tapscott

Assoc. AIA

Architecture fulfills Connor Tapscott's love of problem solving while also allowing him to be artistically driven.  The more he gets involved with a project, the more he loves the challenge. Straight out of college, Connor worked in Beijing where he was placed on small teams and learned to work with others, thinking through projects no matter how intimidating the size.  It also made him really appreciate the smaller, more detail oriented projects that we are more familiar with here in the states.  Whether in a group atmosphere or one on one, he thrives on helping others ideas come to life. It's Connor's personable character that makes him such an asset to STUDIOARCHITECTURE. In his spare time, Connor is an indie comic book artist and author. He believes that it's his artisitic background that helps him approach things in a unique way.  We are very excited to have Connor as a member of our STUDIOARCHITECTURE family.