Our People

Megan Hasenbeck


Megan Hasenbeck is STUDIOARCHITECTURE's unsung hero.  Her knack for organization as well as her eye for detail make her an excellent Controller.  Megan has a huge role in the success of our beloved company. Megan believes in doing the job correctly the first time, but she still triple checks herself at all times.  Her perfectionism helps keep us all in line and allows the architects and designers to concentrate their efforts on the creativity that makes STUDIOARCHITECTURE a stand-out amongst other firms. In her free time, Megan enjoys training for half-marathons; she is an expert horse rider as well as a topnotch dog trainer.  A talented artist, Megan can often be found combining her other passion, painting, by using her beloved amimals as her subjects. She is a perfect fit into our STUDIOARCHITECTURE family.